Tent  House  Hyderabad

Mandapam Decors provides all items that need for your decoration.Our tent house hyderabad location will supply all the items for any occasion and functions.We provide all colors of tent house fundals, Fancy decoration items,Fiber Pillars,Stupas,idols,Fancy Contemporary Lights,Fans,A/c,Lights,Sound System, Special Lights for Lightning e.t.c

Our Services and client satisfaction helps to build a brand for tent house hyderabad.

Furnitures : We Provide Furniture that provides best experience in ceremony by our best furniture. Here is list of furniture we supply

  1. Cushion Chairs
  2. Fibre Chairs
  3. Sangheda Chairs
  4. Metal Sofas
  5. Leather Sofas
  6. Wedding Sofas
  7. Carpet
  8. Round Tables
  9. Tables




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